In Argentina Livestock , we create and believe in the concept of Virtual Certification:

The products produced or processed by a farmer or a factory or processing company, whose tender is informed in its web, committed to the market and customers, this virtual exhibition, but their participation in social networks, states, both to create value, to lose it.

This concept of knowledge of others and trust that it generates, is the basis of the success of the Microcredit Yunnus and is what allows the consumer, VIRTUAL CERTIFICATION than it consumes.

The visibility of the producers, their identification and exposure is the beginning of a process of creating value and enables them to integrate the value chain of their industry.

Informed Offer:

This concept begins with the identification of origin when it has value, and quality practices, you may make Designation of Origin, meanwhile, public information of its origin, its processes and products on the web and interaction in social networks, we create value The organization of groups or clusters, generated immediately in order to define a plan to improve competitiveness and the implementation of actions to do this is that overcomes, and actions create is also the ability to add value origin.


Groups or clusters of primary producers, for production or region, offering its offer informed and achieve communicate and connect with consumers, create added value to the factories and processing plants as providers evaluate them, and who value the products these develop, because they can complete the traceability process.

This concept does not replace the regulations and requirements and international private, unlike the power and educates, working at the beginning of a process traceability from daily routine and virtual.